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We’re very excited that we’ve just placed an order for some wall murals for Frankie’s room. We are going with a Jungle Safari theme. We already have the grass/sky painted complete with rolling hills. It looks absolutely perfect for a little boy’s room. We almost went with the Transportation theme, but Frankie loves animals, so we thought this was better. My Wonderful Walls has so much awesome nursery art for any little kid! I’ll be sure to post pictures once our little art project is done!

What’s up at BB? : Site News

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Well as you may or may not have all noticed, we have not been posting much content lately. The fact of the matter is the site has grown astronomically, and we can’t keep up on the advertising end. The result is having over 61,000 visitors to this blog for the month of September, and less than 4,000 visitors to

So what does that all mean? That means that while people are tremendously interested in the end results, we just aren’t getting enough votes/nominations to fuel the daily feed. As much as I enjoy writing blog posts each day, I must admit some of the content (specifically MFG and Video) has been lacking in the creative department.

The solution to this matter is that Bobby and I have decided to “take off” the month of October (meaning no daily posts here, other than updates) and really focus on Blankest Blank 2.0. This will result in a much more functional layout, as well as giving us more tools to attract more return visitors. Since it’s inception, Bobby has gone on to obtain a job as a PHP coder/web developer, and I have quadrupled my knowledge of Illustrator/Photoshop. We think that with a little time, energy, sweat and tears, we can help make this site even better, more professional and more appealing.

With this in mind we ask & urge (read: beg & plead with) you to send in any helpful ideas you might have to make this website better. The more we grow and the better we become, the more you, the user get out of the site. So if you have anything you want to add, feel free to post it here, or

The exciting news is that we are coming back and better than ever! You heard us talk about it, now it becomes a reality: MONTHLY CATEGORIES! That’s right, now you winners go on to compete head-to-head with the cream of the crop each month to determine who is truly the best.

Halloween Contest
Also, stay tuned for more information about Blankest Blank’s first ever, Best Halloween Costume Contest! (More details to follow!)

Thanks for hanging in there with us and we look forward to an amazing future at Blankest Blank and Bestest Blog!

The Latest Travel Photography Blog! : Best Blog of the Day

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As soon as I read today’s blog was the Latest Travel Photography Blog I was really excited to dig right in! That’s right, Notes From Different Spots, (the blog’s “official name”) takes you around the world from the comfort of your desktop!

What can I say about this blog other than it contains some of the most breathtaking photography I have ever seen. It’s really hard to do justice to these photos with words. It’s like telling someone about a really amazing piece of music, that you just have to hear to really experience. I cannot urge everyone out there enough to please visit this site at least once. Seeing these photos from New York, to Mali, and everything inbetween, you have to see it to believe it.

Best Blog
…Chosen based on your blog directory submissions and votes at!

Weekend Recap: September 24th – 28th : Weekend Recap

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Hope you all like the new Header I made and the layout of the blog. Been a long time coming! Well here’s the latest and greatest at It’s been about 2 months now since Bobby and I, “officially” unleashed the website unto the web community. Since then, we’ve been receiving a ton of traffic to the blog, however a slow down in traffic to the website. This is no good. As such, we have been forced to scale back our reviews to due insufficient voting trends. Thus the new schedule will be as follows:

Best Blog: 8 am by Kevin
Funniest Video: 10 am by Kevin
Funniest Picture: 12 pm by Bobby

Funniest Joke: 2 pm by Bobby
Most Fun Game: 4 pm by Bobbby

Thus I urge you all to post your nominations and get ‘a votin’. Here’s what you missed this week:

Monday, September 24th:

Best Blog The Most Thoughtfulest Blog – 3 Blessings a Day: Just as important as 3 meals a day, perhaps even more…

Funniest Video Dog Takes a LeakMike takes his first swing at Adobe After Effects, and I overreact a bit.

Funniest Image Celebrity Kids – Ever wonder what your favorite celeb looked like as a kid? Here’s your answer!

Funniest Joke Insufficient voting.

Most Fun Game Guess the Dictator/Sitcom Character – Just as the name implies, this is a hell of a good time!

Tuesday, September 25th:

Best Blog The Japaniest Blog – Gaijin Girl gives us an upclose look at Japan and its fascinating culture.

Funniest Video Minstrels: The Lute and the Fury – It’s getting harder and harder to be a wandering minstrel these days, I tell ya.

Funniest Image Puzzles For Blondes – I apologize in advance, but these picture are freakin’ hysterical!

Funniest Joke Insufficient Voting.

Most Fun Game Insufficient Voting.

Wednesday, September 26th:

Best Blog The Pookiest Blog – Brian at Emasculating Nickname Blog, gives us the greatest parts of the internet (sans the trouble of browsing for it!)

Funniest Video Lion Kiss?!? – Never ask a teacher what they make, or they may just give you this answer.

Funniest Image Worst Album Covers – These are some of the most disturbing images I have ever seen in my life and may not be able to sleep tonight.

Funniest Joke Hell of a Surprise – Catholics get the short end of the stick again. (It’s ok, we deserve it.)

Most Fun Game Insufficient Voting

Thursday, September 28th:

Best Blog The Bratty-ist Blog – Shannon gives us the inside dish on the furthest reaches of the online world.

Funniest Video Insufficient Voting.

Funniest Image Insufficient Voting.

Funniest Joke Insufficient Voting.

Most Fun Game Stair Fall – Push the stick figure down the stairs, save the world.

Friday, September 29th:

Best Blog The Best Mommy Blog – Elizabeth shows us her huge heart and gives us an inside look at her life.

Funniest Video Insufficient Voting.

Funniest Image Insufficient Voting.

Funniest Joke Insufficient Voting.

Most Fun Game Insufficient Voting.

The Best Mommy Blog! : Best Blog of the Day

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Elizabeth & Family Meet Elizabeth and her family. She is a great mom, with a fantastic blog and a huge heart, thus I think the moniker “Best Mommy Blog” is righteously appropriate.

I’m not even talking about her participation in the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk or her offer to help anyone who needed to set up a wordpress account and didn’t know how. I’m talking about her amazing strength after an incredible battle with a stomach virus and the remarkable love she has for her family.

This blog is the work of a wonderful giving mother who offers this at the end of her About Page:

Thank you for reading this “About” page.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me.

If you’ve read it, I would love if you would go to my most recent post and leave a comment telling me.

Then I’ll come to your blog and do the same for you!

And then we will be BBFs forever.

…and I urge you to actually take her up on that! You will definitely not be disappointed. I’m also glad to see that at least one other person in the entire world actually liked “Thirteen Ghosts.” I knew I couldn’t be the only fool! Thanks for letting us all get to know you Elizabeth and keep up the great work!

Best Blog
…Chosen based on your blog directory submissions and votes at!

Stair Fall : Most Fun Game of the Day

November 27th 2009 · Posted in by Bobby Griffin · Comments(2)

This is a innocent looking game at first, but it’s actually pretty brutal. There’s a stick figure standing at the top of the steps. The whole game is simple. You grab the stick figure by one of his extremities (arms, legs, head) and fling him down the staircase. The more blood that gushes out of him the better! Here’s a little tip. I’ve found that the best way to injure him the most is to make sure he lands on his head when tumbling down. My high score was 274 (is that pints of blood?) Can you beat me? Try Stair Fall Now!

Most Fun Game
…Chosen based on your nominations and votes at!

The Bratty-ist Blog : Best Blog of the Day

November 27th 2009 · Posted in by Kevin O'Boyle · Comments(2)

When you think of “The Bratty-ist Blog,” I’m sure the furthest thing from your mind is a mom with a 16-month old. However, I work with children all day long and I’m sure “Bratty” is the kindest word used to describe me at the end of the day! Our brat for today though is a self-proclaimed “…Application Engineer for a major computer company in my city…single mother to a son born in May of 2006…pet owner, lover and animal rights proponent.”

This blog is another great glimpse into the life of a very special person. Among the usual personal postings about that bad day that seems to hang over your head, or the newest baby fads, you will find fun contests tucked away!

Yes, right now you can win one of several prizes, such as an MP3 player! Here are the rules:

The Rules:
* You must link to this entry
* You must comment with a link to your entry
* Write one entry about an act of random kindness that you have performed or had performed for you by someone else. Minimum length is 50 words.

What a great idea! Make sure to get your submissions in by October 10th! Thanks again to our “Brat” for such a real and thoughtful glimpse into your life!

Best Blog
…Chosen based on your blog directory submissions and votes at!

Hell of a Surprise : Funniest Joke of the Day

November 26th 2009 · Posted in by Bobby Griffin · Comment(1)

A man died and was sent to hell. A few seconds after his arrival, the Devil appeared in a cloud of smoke and said “Why hello, welcome to Hell! You’re just in time for dinner, please follow me.”

The man followed the Devil rather nervously, wondering what was going to happen, and was surprized to find a table piled high with delicious food waiting for him. Assuming this was his last good meal before hell started, he dug in.

When he was finished the Devil said, “Now allow me to show you to your quarters.” The man sighed and reluctantly followed the Devil down a long hallway. He could hear terrible blood-curdling screams coming from behind a door at the end of the hall. “Well,” he thought, “this is it.”

But to his surprize the Devil turned left at the the door, and led him down another hallway and outside towards a magnificent beachhouse with a Porsche in front. When they got there the Devil handed the befuddeled man the keys to house and car, wished him a nice stay and turned to leave. The man couldn’t take it any longer. He said to the Devil “Excuse me, but I don’t understand. This is hell, and I’m being treated like a king! What was behind the door we went past on the way here? Is that what’s really in store for me?”

The Devil smiled and said, “Why no, the room we went by is reserved for the Catholics. They seem to want it that way.”

Worst Album Covers : Funniest Picture of the Day

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Today’s winner has so many hilarious images on it, I’m just gonna send you over there to check them out. Thanks to OctaneCreative for compiling all of these gems!

Funniest Picture
…Chosen based on your nominations and votes at!

What Do Teachers Really Make? : Funniest Video of the Day

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This video is great! I know Bobby can relate, having come from a math teaching background, and I myself can definitely as a music instructor. This really nails home the point: Teachers don’t make squat as far as money is concerned. However, the reward is really in making a difference in a child’s life. As corny as that sounds, it really is the truth. Thanks to for today’s not pick!

Funniest Video
…Chosen based on your nominations and votes at!

The Pookiest Blog! : Best Blog of the Day

November 26th 2009 · Posted in by Kevin O'Boyle · Comment(1)

Today’s blog comes to us by way of Pookie, elsewise known as Brian at Emasculating Nickname. Brian is a 30-something who obviously enjoys a great laugh! Brian’s blog is a great place to check out some of the most hilarious and “head scratching” stuff on the internet. While browsing for 10 minutes, I found the following internet gems:

  • A ridiculous muppet show clip
  • Some of the most realistic paintings ever.
  • To really think about the phrase Ogre Nougat.
  • That last article really made me question my own existence after uttering the phrase “ogre nougat” over and over and over…You just may have something there Brian…If anyone out there needs a good laugh or a “what the…?” moment in their life (and we all do) please do yourself a favor and check out Brian’s blog, chock full of goodies.

    Best Blog
    …Chosen based on your blog directory submissions and votes at!

    Puzzles for Blondes : Funniest Picture of the Day

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    Go reading

    Minstrels: The Lute and the Fury : Funniest Video of the Day

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    Wow this video was shockingly hilarious! I really felt like I was watching one of those British documentaries. I actually know this guy who was in a band and they played Renaissance Metal. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever encountered. It so happened that I jammed with him on drums and it was some of the most bad ass jamming ever. The guy was a phenomenal guitarist, flautist and harpist. Anyway check his band: Sleepy Hollow. Thanks to Lutes Viols and Other Ancient Instruments for today’s vid!

    Funniest Video
    …Chosen based on your nominations and votes at!

    The Japaniest Blog : Best Blog of the Day

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    Gaijin Girl is a wonderful blog written by it’s host Lady Wanderlust. At it’s moment of conception Lady Wanderlust was a newlywed waiting to make a year-long journey overseas from Sunny North Carolina, to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Her purpose was to teach English with her husband, and her whereabouts were to remain unknown for several days to come. This is how it all began.

    Now, almost a year later, we find out why it’s almost impossible to quit your job in Japan, and the fact that Japanese women apparently aren’t so big on the drinkin’. Although some of the posts are rather whimsical (what do you expect from a blog? It’s the every day stuff that counts), there are some real insights into American culture immersed in Japanese culture. Often I’ve heard that Japanese people are fascinated with the “American West,” however I find myself the opposite as well. I’ve made it my life’s goal to learn the language (although apparently it’s very difficult) and travel there some day. This leaves me hugely jealous of Lady Wanderlust and her husband!

    The most interesting thing is to read her 6 month recap, that documents her thoughts before moving there and then six months after moving there. I must say of all the blogs I’ve read in my life, this definitely ranks up there in the top 5. Thank you Lady Wanderlust for letting me live vicariously in your shoes, as it may be the closest I’ll ever get to living my dream.

    Best Blog
    …Chosen based on your blog directory submissions and votes at!

    Guess the Dictator/Sitcom Character : Most Fun Game of the Day

    November 24th 2009 · Posted in by Bobby Griffin · Comment(1)

    This is a REALLY fun game (I nominated it), and I’m so glad it won! It’s Guess the Dictator/Sitcom Character. This game is really easy to play. Think of a dictator or a character from a sitcom. Think of one you know a lot about, because you’re going to have to answer a bunch of yes/no questions about them. This game is eerily good at guessing who you are thinking of right after a bunch of questions asked. At first I thought of “Newman from Seinfeld.” After about 10 questions which included “Are you overweight?” and “Do you live alone?” it had correctly guessed it right.

    So, I went for someone a little harder (I don’t know squat about dictators, so I stuck with the sitcom). I chose “Becky from Full House.” It did take a bit more questions to get there (including “Are you a mom?” and “Do you live with your husband’s family?”), but it got it right again! Try it out and let me know if you can stump it!

    Most Fun Game
    …Chosen based on your nominations and votes at!

    Celebrity Kids : Funniest Picture of the Day

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    celebrity kids

    Wow, all of these are really, really funny! Some of them you can absolutely tell that it is actually them (Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Eminem). And the comment on the Mariah Carey picture is spot on!

    Funniest Picture
    …Chosen based on your nominations and votes at!

    Dog Takes a Leak. : Funniest Video of the Day

    November 24th 2009 · Posted in by Kevin O'Boyle · Comment(1)

    I really hope this video is someone’s first attempt at flash because this is the stupidest video I’ve ever seen in my life. If was one of the first video nominations and I recall asking Bobby if he submitted it, hoping he said no. Well whoever is responsible, this is really dumb. Sorry.

    Funniest Video
    …Chosen based on your nominations and votes at!

    The Most Thoughtfulest Blog : Best Blog of the Day

    November 24th 2009 · Posted in by Kevin O'Boyle · Comment(1)

    3 Blessings a Day is a wonderful blog by Leanna, “a wife, mother, daughter, and sister [trying] to make a comforting and welcoming home for my family and friends.” Now I come from a very artistic background and my fiancee comes from a family of genuine artists, so today’s blog is a real treat for me!

    Leanna explores the joys of painting watercolor portraits. The first portrait I stumbled upon while exploring this site is entitled Fall Fenceline. This really had me reflective upon my favorite season. The Fall has always been a time for me to rethink my life, remember the times with my friends and generally just become reflective. This portrait encompasses all those things for me and more.

    My favorite part of this blog however is defintely the “Unconscious Mutterings” section where you take one word and then write out the first thing that comes to mind. Here’s an example from Leanna:

    1. Rita :: Hayworth
    2. Comedy :: laugh
    3. Polar :: bear
    4. Idiots :: stupid
    5. Perception :: view
    6. Infected :: sick
    7. Fake :: deceiving
    8. Relating :: understood
    9. Distraction :: off-course
    10. Gamble :: risk

    Thanks for the memories and reflections that your blog has inspired in me. I plan on taking up to my muse (music) and maybe making something you can enjoy in exchange! Either way I’ll be visiting your blog quite frequently. I could use more peace and reflection in my life, for sure.

    Best Blog
    …Chosen based on your blog directory submissions and votes at!

    Weekend Recap: September 17th – 21st. : Weekend Recap

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    Kevin and Bobby swap categories & zany antics ensue, all last week at

    Monday, September 17th:

    Best Blog The Toothiest Blog – Gator Byte gives us the deep dish on computers, electronics and much more!

    Funniest Video Don’t Stop – Not Michael Jackson, but still hilariously funny. The Walk and Don’t Walk guys battle it out to the death!

    Funniest Image Graffit – Well isn’t this just a wonderful piece of irony in practice? Kudos!

    Funniest Joke Firing Squad – This joke is absolutely hysterical, what would your last wish be if you were sentenced to firing squad death?

    Most Fun Game Unfolding – The game that will have your nerves and wit unfolding before your eyes!

    Tuesday, September 18th:

    Best Blog The Thought Provokingest Blog – That Says It All, where you can find a little bit of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Not necessarily in that order.

    Funniest Video Amazing Fire – One dude with some God of War-like chains “juggling” fire. Glad it’s not me.

    Funniest Image Just Do It! – The three words I wouldn’t want to read right before committing suicide. Maybe that’s just me…

    Funniest Joke Damn Church – They say that money rules the world, and apparently that’s true if this joke has any real-life merit.

    Most Fun Game Jigscale – What’s more fun than jigsaw puzzles and Tetris? combining them into one game!

    Wednesday, September 19th:

    Best Blog The Scribbleliest Blog – Great advice on how to not only get the most of your computer system but also your life!

    Funniest Video Lion Kiss?!? – That’s right, Woman saves Lion. Lion Remembers. Lion hugs and kisses woman. What’s so weird about that?

    Funniest Image Female Porn – Well I’m about to “Take the Plunge” into marriage and will certainly keep this in mind!

    Funniest Joke I Like Monkeys – I read this a long time ago as a chain e-mail but it’s still funny even today. Don’t get punched in the genitals. Take the monkey.

    Most Fun Game Jelly Battle – Help Logitech get some creative advertising and play a fun game at the same time!

    Thursday, September 20th:

    Best Blog The Laugh Out Loudest Blog – A really great blog that is guaranteed to make you fall out of your seat laughing!

    Funniest Video The Perfect Couple – “…doesn’t exist.” should be the follow-up to that statement, and this video illustrates that point exactly.

    Funniest Image I’m with Stupid – Explaining why the words “Idiot” and “Homophobe” are exactly the same thing. Look it up, it’s true!

    Funniest Joke Husbands and Wifes – I don’t know if it’s coincidence or a sign but these marriage jokes seem to be everywhere lately. Count down: 4 weeks to go for me.

    Most Fun Game Winter Game – This game reminds me of Krusty’s Super Fun House for Sega Genesis, which sucked away hours of my life.

    Friday, September 21st:

    Best Blog The Funniest Blog – Read hysterical responses to (shockingly) real dating profiles and ads. Keep up the great work Mimi!

    Funniest Video Metal Gear Awesome – Step 1: Play Metal Gear Solid, Step 2: Win the game, Step 3: Watch this video, Step 4: Laugh your ass off. End Scene

    Funniest Image Pac Man – This is exactly how I felt when learning about all pie charts.

    Funniest Joke Knock Knock Jokes – They say Knock Knock Jokes never go out of style, maybe they’re right…hopefully they’re wrong.

    Most Fun Game Unavailable due to lack of qualifying votes.

    Knock Knock Jokes : Funniest Joke of the Day

    November 21st 2009 · Posted in by Bobby Griffin · Comment(1)

    Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Police who?
    Police let us in; it’s cold out here.

    Knock Knock!
    Doris, who?
    Doris locked, that’s why I had to knock!

    Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    I love.
    I love who?
    I don’t know, you tell me!

    Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Norma Lee.
    Norma Lee who?
    Normalee I don’t go around knocking on doors, but do you want to buy a set of encyclopedias?


    Wow, if you like super ultra corny jokes, then knock knock jokes are for you! These ones are actually pretty good as far as knock-knock’s go, but that’s not saying too much! Thanks to for today’s funny joke!

    Funniest Joke
    …Chosen based on your nominations and votes at!

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